Oct 15, 2007



Night of catharsis.
Shopaholic! (gak juga, emang lagi butuh bbrp barang).
Jam tangan. tas mickey. donut. baju. nyaris sepatu. dan nyaris casing hp (ga dapet yang kuning soalnya).
Hebat, bisa keluar malam naik motor juga...
Dingin. Ngebut. Bebas.

Free as the wind... U give me wings to fly...
(Forever and A Day - MLTR)

Berputar. Diklakson orang berulang-ulang.
Mengklakson berulang-ulang.
hey, jalanan milik semua!
Terantuk polisi tidur saat genggaman mengencang.
Dua kali!
(untung gak mental...)

Berputar lagi. Bertanya arah.
"It's not time to make a change.
Just relax, take it easy. U're still young. That's ur faults.
There's so much u have to know.
Find a girl. Settle down. If u want, u can marry..."
(Father and Son - Ronan Keating feat Cat Steven)

Dan berkelebatan seketika bayang-bayang.
Lembut. Manis. Gak peka. Gemas. Sebal. Kesal. Rindu. Tangis. Duka. Riang. Tawa. Airmata.

Halfway through the night,
I wake up in a dream
Echoes in my head,
Make every whisper turn into a scream.

(Wish I Could Fly - Roxette)

Pudar. Bubar. Selesai.

In the middle of the night,
Cool sweatin in my bed
Got the windows open wide,
Thinkin about all the things you said…

Pagi. Siang. Malam.
Short message service.
Impian. Cita-cita. Masa depan.
Bunga. Langit. Terbang.

I wish I could fly, around and around
Over this town, the dirt on the ground
Id follow your course of doors left ajar
To try to find out who you really are
To try to find out who you really are

Pergi. Tinggal. Diam. Hening.

Never mind the pain
Or the aggravation
You know there's a better way
For you and me to be

(Goodbye – Spice Girl)

Oktober. Merah. Senja. Percaya. Tak percaya..
Sakit. Luka. Bunda. Pesimisme. Bisa.

Look for a rainbow in every storm
Fly like an angel, heaven sent to me

Doa. Takdir. Jumpa. Pisah.
Oktober. Senja. Merah.

Goodbye my friend
I know you're gone, you said you're gone, but I can still feel you here…
It's not the end
Gotta keep it strong before the pain turns into fear
So glad we made it, time will never change it, no no no…
(Goodbye – Spice Girl)

Percaya. Takdir. Usaha. Perjuangan. Perjuangan. Perjuangan.

DarkSunday, 15.10.07, 22:07 wib.

gbr dari http://www.istockphoto.com/file_closeup/?id=2521346&refnum=1319225
satunya lagi lupa... maap ga ijin..